pregnancy week 4

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pregnancy week 4

Post  jennapalooza on Mon 21 Dec 2009, 17:51

hi my names jenna im 21 and 4 weeks preggo-with TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im due july 31st i dont care if my babies are octopuses as long as theyre healthy but a twin girls would be nice dressing them up in pretty dresses and when theyre older take them shopping boys would be fun taking them baseball games playing baseball in the backyard not as fun jk lol we had a bet what the genders would be the loser has to change the first few poopy diapers lol the boys will be evan alixander james and hudsyn scot julius for a girl itll be abigail an and tilly elizabeth dhfjkaslhfasjklfhsijh sorry about that my cat mr fluffykins stepped on the keyboard *shoves kitty off keyboard* *kitty hisses and runs away* ive decided to find out the sexes so we know what kind of clothes to get dfjkahsfkashdfilshkfhaslkfdkdskjfhsaklfhaslkfa great mr fluffykins is back and he brought my other cat elvis elvis is like you have to go through me me before you can throw mr fluffykins off im gonna give em a lotta attention cuz i wont have much time when the babies arrive! the cats might be a little jealous cuz theyve always been the babies and now theyre being replaced but mr fluffykins and elvis my moms friend and her son she adopted are coming she adopted him from guatamala pretty soon hell have two new little friends to play with theyll be here soon! my aunt uncle and cousins are coming on christmas theyre from georgia (the state that is! when were all together im gonna put two buns in the oven and suggest we make cookies and one of themll open it up and see that there are two buns in my oven countdown to finding out the sexes...........8 weeks countdown to when the twins arrive...........36 weeks i hope you have the most blessed christmas filled with comfort and joy (and not to mention all the presents you asked for! lol) see ya for week 5 love ya bye Smile


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