Finding the cause to my cousins unknown disease

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Finding the cause to my cousins unknown disease

Post  MickDick on Thu 02 Dec 2010, 10:31

For years my little cousin has been seeing different doctors trying to get a proper diagnostic, but they just cannot seem to find out what is going on with her. She has had to take time off school to travel to the States and none seems to have a clue. Last week after work I started researching for doctors that actually take the time to understand and treat the cause of the disability rather than the symptoms they are having and came across this wellness clinic that use natural medicines. Last Friday I took her in and she had to do this online evaluation so the doctors can get a full understanding and we booked her first appointment. I honestly have never seen a doctor concentrate so hard and look deep into her disability. Her next appointment is next week and that is when they will have a full understanding (we hope) of her condition and she can get started on the natural medicine they provide. I am really hoping this is the last chance and we can finally move on, stop looking for doctors to find a cure.

This wellness clinic seems like a really good place, so if you know anyone that has been in the same situation as my little cousin, I would recommend checking it out.

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