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Solved A new awesomely awesome contest

Post  10art1 on Sun 22 Mar 2009, 13:27

Ive been getting a nauseating amount of PMs that the smileys are not "awesome" enough. but, since katanga has reached the limit, and BSC has also almost, There will be a contest. All of you (hopefully) will make a post with your awesome smiley, then in 2 weeks you will vote for the 3 best, and then vote the 3 worst already on here to be removed. any ties will be settled inaugurally explode

One day, March 17th, to be exact, I was feeling a little bored. I was also, frankly, feeling a bit stupid today, having PSSA. So, I decided, I shall spread my subliminal sence of stupidity like the butter on my warm toast. I wrote up a signature, for all to see, in perfect grammar and spelling, which you are bound to re-check for any mistakes. You haven't found any. Don't you feel stupid now too? [edited 3/22/09]
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