Spoiler alert: This Disney princess gets a job

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Spoiler alert: This Disney princess gets a job

Post  ivyivy on Mon 07 Dec 2009, 01:53

I took my daughter Ruth the simpsons dvd
-- she's in kindergarten -- to see "The Princess and the Frog." I didn't tell my mother. the simpsons dvd
When I the simpsons dvd
was a girlthe simpsons dvd
, my mom put the simpsons dvd
a lot of effort into keeping me away from Disney princesses. She didn't want me to grow up waiting for a princethe simpsons dvd
to make my the simpsons dvd
dreams come true.the simpsons dvd
I don't want that for my daughter,disney dvd box set
either, but princesses are special to a lot of little girls, Ruth included. She disney dvd box set
settled into disney dvd box set
my lap in the dark South park dvd
theater as the South park dvd
Disney castle South park dvd
glowed on the screen.
It's not a great movie.American dad dvd
There's no American dad dvd
gasp-princessAmerican dad dvd
moment like the Beast and Belle in her yellow dress waltzing disney dvd box set
to Angela Lansbury's song in "Beauty South park dvd
and the Beast." There's no flat-out-glorious-animation scene like the "Under the Sea" scene in "The Little Mermaid."
disney dvd box set
That's disney dvd box set
the disney dvd box set
issue fordisney dvd box set
any Disney animated movie, especially one with a princess: You have to compare it to all the others. disney dvd box set
As a work disney dvd box set
of art, "The Princess and the Frog" looks like disney dvd box set
it could have disney dvd box set
been churned disney dvd box set
out by the Disney disney dvd box set
shop 30 years disney dvd box set
disney dvd box set
It's not disney dvd box set
30 years ago, though, and "The Princess and the Frog" family guy dvd
isn't just any Disney princess film. Tiana,South park dvd
its heroine, is the first black princess. That was one reason family guy dvd
I wanted my daughter to see the movie, and it's one disney dvd
aspect I disney dvd box set
thought Disneydisney dvd box set
handled really well.
The setting,disney dvd box set
New Orleans disney dvd
in the 1920s, has a lot of easily recognizable cultural touchpoints, and the movie skips through them all, Disney-style: Mardi Gras, streetcars, shotgun shacks, the bayou, gumbo, voodoodisney dvd
and jazz. This film whirls them all around Tiana like a pretty sparkly dress.
Disneydisney dvd
used thedisney dvd
culture of Newdisney dvd
Orleans to avoid a mistake made by a lot of entertainment for kids: Simply coloring a character brown and calling it diversity. Race is about more than skin color -- it's also about tradidisney dvd
tions and historical context and family. DisneySouth park dvd
made family guy dvd
Tiana a product family guy dvd
of a specific American dad dvd
AfricanAmerican dad dvd
American American dad dvd
culture. There's American dad dvd
no deep and meaningful exploration of race in this movie, but I disney dvd
think that would be expecting too much. The important thing is that you could not disney dvd
havedisney dvd
plunked Belledisney dvd box set
or Snow White down in Tiana'sdisney dvd box set
movie. This isdisney dvd box set
her unique disney dvd box set


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