Kris Allen, the winner of this year's American Idol

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Kris Allen, the winner of this year's American Idol

Post  rottensoilder on Mon 25 May 2009, 21:20

Without questions, American Idol, the most corrupted Reality Show on TV history. Remove Simon, and there may be some hope in the future. Or is there? From Allison to Danny to Adam to Kris. They were all strategically moved peons to bamboozle viewers and fans alike to gobble highly priced ads to fill Fox deep pockets. The American people votes? A Royal masquerade....and the 100 millions votes supposedly called in? A number grossly inflated that only an already fooled American people could believe in. You will ALL see only ONE thing: genuine talent buried under Fox Politics and thirst of "Drama", using Allison as a Yoyo to fuel controversy and increase Ads sale. In the end Art under any shape has no importance, only the bottom line number of the show business: PROFIT. Sad. - This time the yoyo was Kris!

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