This fall: Invasion of the Cougars

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This fall: Invasion of the Cougars

Post  rottensoilder on Sun 24 May 2009, 21:29

By:Adam Buckman

Forget about Desperate Housewives. The time has come for someone to produce a show called Desperate Cougars.

NEW YORK CITY--These sex-starved ladies of a certain age--divorcees, single moms in their 30s or 40s--are all over the place this week as the networks announce their fall lineups. It's a trend that began with the TV Land reality show The Cougar, but it continues next fall with at least two comedies.

The latest to join next fall's cougar conga line: Jenna Elfman, formerly TV's "Dharma" and now starring in Accidentally on Purpose
, a new CBS sitcom (the network's only new comedy) that's set to take up residence at 8:30 Mondays. The scenario: Jenna plays a 30-something woman who gets drunk with her pals, sleeps with a young man she picks up in a bar and before long finds herself pregnant.

In promoting the show Wednesday afternoon at CBS's presentation to advertisers at Carnegie Hall in New York, CBS programming honcho Nina promised a comedy featuring "sexy cougars [and] slacker misfits"--the latter a reference to the shiftless roommates of Jenna's young baby daddy.

Accidentally on Purpose will remind you of Cougar Town, Courteney Cox's new cougar comedy coming to Fox next fall and announced this past Monday. The Cox character doesn't become pregnant, but she does salivate at the thought of romping in the hay with a handsome young thing she meets in a bar. (Where are these bars?!)

In Cougar Town, its Cox's next door neighbor, another cougar played by Christa Miller, who advises Cox to tear into her young man sexually in the manner of a predatory jungle cat. In Accidentally on Purpose, Jenna Elfman's character tells her randy pals the sex she had with her young man was "like eating candy." That was before she learned she was pregnant.

Is this a trend you want to see more of on TV?

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