Fringe star fired?

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Fringe star fired?

Post  rottensoilder on Sun 24 May 2009, 21:26

Fox's sci-fi hit will be back for another season, but according to one actor's Facebook page, he won't be included.

We've seen celebrities use Facebook and Twitter to let their fans know what they're eating, where they're travelling, and other mundane facts, but we're also seeing more and more celebrities use the social networking tools to let people know when they're plain-old pissed off about their job.

The latest to join the ranks of venom-spewing Facebookers is Kirk Acevedo, who plays Agent Charlie Francis on Fox's Fringe. And if what he says is true, some Fringe faithful may become as ticked off as he is.

Acevedo allegedly posted the following in his Facebook status field (taken verbatim, caps and all): "WELL BOYS AND GIRLS THEY DONE DID YER BOY WRONG! THEY FIRED ME OFF OF FRINGE,AND I'VE NEVER BEEN FIRED IN MY LIFE!!!!" (blog 'ohnotheydidn't' broke the story and has a screen cap of the Facebook page.)

Well, he certainly doesn't sound too happy. Shows everywhere are trimming budgets as networks clamp down on spending, and one easy way to ease wallet-emptying is by replacing better-known actors with cheaper, up-and-coming actors (just ask the producers of One Tree Hill).

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