Thor (2011)

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Thor (2011)

Post  rottensoilder on Fri 22 May 2009, 21:17

There's no thread for this yet?! I've been unbelievably excited for this since I found out Sir Kenneth Branagh was directing. I have the feeling this movie will be a campy spectacle of epic proportions.
People are asking for Brad Pitt to play Thor (in the tradition of his Achilles in Troy), but I'd rather see Pitt go boyscout as Captain America. Pitt is basically the Robert Redford of his generation.

They've pegged Alexander Skarsgard to possibly play Thor. After checking out some clips of him in HBO's True Blood, I can definitely see him in the role. He certainly has the look, and I think he has a sort of campy quality to the way he delivers his lines yet it's also subtle at times. Good choice if he gets the role, though I hope they let him grow a bit of a beard. Thor always looked more DONKEHH with a beard. The awesome thing is that if he was to play Thor, then his dad could play Odin and it would be authentic!

There is also a rumour of Josh Hartnett as Loki. Now, I'm not really a fan, and I could definitely think of people I'd rather see in the role, but who knows; he could surprise me.

Anyone else looking forward to this? I wonder if Nick Fury will make an appearance, as SLJ has just signed a nine-movie deal with Marvel!

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