Terminator Salvation - Review Thread

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Terminator Salvation - Review Thread

Post  rottensoilder on Thu 21 May 2009, 01:38

Terminator Salvation is good, but it's just that. It feels like a Terminator film, and it has the best action of the summer. First before the heap of "how's Bale?" questions come, he's alright but the thing is we know almost all there is to know about John Connor so he can't really do much to him. Sam Worthington's Marcus is the most developed character and steals the show from Bale's Connor. However, taking the entire thing from both of them is Anton Yelchin as Reese. The guy makes you believe he'll be Michael Biehn in a few years and is hundreds times better here than in Star Trek.
Moon Bloodgood is awful and is just a plot device, albeit an incredibly lame one. The story really doesn't kick in until about an hour into the film and it feels way too cluttered by the end. There are some plot holes (notably how the hell does Skynet know Kyle Reese is Connor's father) and they are as prominent as they are in Star Trek.
Overall, it's a step in the right direction after T3 and a solid entry, but it isn't on the level of the first two films.

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