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Puppet Master

Post  Neil Gallagher on Wed 08 Apr 2009, 11:45

Just thought I'd share m favorite movie with everyone. Its the 1989 movie Puppet Master. Even though there was a total of ten films hers a review for the first film. Enjoy.

OK Hi everyone I'm about to tell the review for the Full Moon pictures movie Puppet Master. Puppet Master is about a puppeteer named Andre Toulon, who found the secret of making puppets come to life. But when the Germans discover him he shoots himself to protect his secret. In the present time a group of physics come to the Bodega Bay INN. Thats where the puppet master was. They investigate the claims of what happened. Only they are not the only ones there. There are also five killer puppets!

Blade - He has a knife and hook to slash at his victims.

Jester - Even though he can't do much he still can show emotions.

Pinhead - He kills his victims by his vice like grip hands.

Tunneler - Drills holes into his victims.

Miss Leech - Spits up leeches on top of her victims.

Now why did the physics come to the hotel? Well they all got signs from Neil Gallagher. He found the secret of life. But unknown to their surprise Neil is DEAD!! But they didn't know that. A reason you will have to see the movie to find out. Know I will name the main charcters of Puppet Master.

Alex Whittaker ( Paul le Mat) - A physic who can see the future.

Carrissa Stamford ( Kathryn O'Reilly ) - She can touch something and tell you its history.

Neil Gallagher( Jimmie F Skaggs) - Husband of Megan Gallagher, One who found the secret of life.

Megan Gallagher( Robin Frates) - Wife of Neil Gallagher.

Dana Hadley( Irene Miracle ) - A fortune teller who can see things aren't just right.

Frank Forrester ( Matt Roe ) - He brought the group together after discovering that Neil Found the secret of life.

Just for fun. Here are just a few pics from the movie!

Neil Gallagher

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